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The original Pickens line (PICK) runs 8.5 miles from Pickens to the Norfolk Southern  interchange at Easley.  The railroad currently serves the locomotive remanufacture shop of CLCX, Inc. in Pickens.

The 28.5 mile line in Anderson County (PKHP) interchanges with Norfolk Southern in Anderson and receives CSXT freight in Belton. 

Pickens hauls over 2000 railcars per year replacing over 8000 trucks on Upstate roads.  Our customers include a combined employment base of over 3,100 people.  Commodities shipped and received include limestone, synthetic rubber, rubber processing oil, plastics, silica, paper, scrap paper, bird feed ingredients, farm supplies, and electrical equipment.

Pickens Railway also specializes in safety.  The railroad has earned the “Jake With Distinction” Award for Safety--the industry-wide recognition of a no accident, no injury workplace for 9 of the 10 years the award has been in place.  Pickens Railway is a member of the American Shortline Railroad Association, as well as the SC Association of Railroads.

Pickens Railway Company is an active member of Operation Lifesaver.  A certified presenter is available for educational classes for all ages.



Pickens Railway Company

198 North Main Street

Cornelia, GA 30531


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